Blender Animation Problems

When I make an animation in blender and import it into unity the animations only last for about 20% of the time of which they should. They they seem like they can’t be bothered to play the full animation instead with my shoot animation it only goes about halfway up and if you double click then it goes the full up but very fast. Basically the whole animation is messed up in one way or another, Please can anyone help me?

Can change the speed using: animation["shoot").speed=0.5f; in Start.

Try testing by setting each animation to loop, and setting it as default on the model with no script (to be sure a script isn’t Stopping/Changing it.) That way you can be sure you have the correct frames, imported properly, etc… .

CrossFade gives a nice fade in/out, but if you use it for a short PlayOnce animation, it fades out way too soon, so appears to go halfway. Try either CrossFade("shoot", 0.05f); // shorter fadetime, or look at the layers animation section to avoid needing CrossFade alltogether.

If you’re using the ‘default take’ animation technique, and then splitting the animations you’re in for a headache every time.

To avoid all kinds of timing and looping problems, use the action editor to create the animations (avoid the non linear action editor), when you export your file, the actions you created in the dopesheet are created as a separated animation each.

In this case, you seem to have a non linear action problem in your blender file.

I think Blender 2.60a has bugs exporting animations in some formats. I would try other exporting format and/or Blender version.