Blender animation to Unity


I use blender (2.49) to create and animate my models. When I import my .blend file to unity, any animations are presents :

Unity finding any anims :

alt text

My blender with Actions/NLA editor :

alt text

What did I do wrong ?


I use blender's FBX exporter explicity now, after having the same problem (two Unity versions ago, last November.) That makes no sense, since the docs say it uses the same FBX converter, but it works. A small advantage is you can specify flipped Y/-Z, if needed.

In Unity, you should eventually see an Armature child and the entire bone heirarchy. If you aren't seeing bones, you don't have animation.

Thanks for your answer,

I tried with FBX exporter : any changes ... On the example above, I just tested with a cube translating, so no bones, no armatures, only 2 IPO keys at differents positions.

I think I failed on the use of the Action/NLA editor I never used before.

Any blender user can tell me if I use correctly the action/nla editor please ? My current blender version is 2.49.