Blender animations 4.6 to Unity 4

I am currently trying to learn the pipeline to take a model with animations from Blender 4.6 to Unity 4.1.2f1 I have been looking for a solution to this for a little while now, and I don’t think that they apply.

all I am trying to do is take a simple un-boned model with a single keyframed animation (using shapekeys) from Blender to Unity. I can get the model to export with the animation, but Unity says that there is no animation connected to the model, and the default take (when included) holds nothing

  • I have attempted to actions as described here, but this window doesn’t make any sense to me as only the DopeSheet Summary
  • no matter what I include, or exclude in the export Unity does not recognize that the model has any animations.
  • I even attempted to copy over the .blend file but still no animations.

what is the pipeline fore exporting an animation from Blender 4.6 to Unity 4?

EDIT: have uploaded [11652-door.txt|11652] (change extension to .blend to open with blender)

Do you have an animation component? If your model is a person, is it set to Legacy? Have you looked at unitys mechanim tutorial?

Shapekeys aren’t natively supported because they “aren’t” animations. They’re a different thing, so that’s why they don’t show up as animations. When unity says “animation” it means “bone animation”.

You need a plugin like Megafiers - there are others that are just keyframe animation but I don’t recall their names at the moment.

You have to animate BONES only in Pose Mode. No other animation Action will show up as a seperate clip.

If you’re animating a cube, add an Armature. Select the cube object, and then shift-select the bone object. CTRL-P > Make Parent > Automatic Weights.

Now Actions that animate the bone will show up in Unity.