Blender animations are not showing up

I’m having trouble getting the animations on my model to work.

I’m using Blender 2.49b with Unity 2.6.1f3

The model uses armature rigging with actions.
Here are the actions
-Base: Used to reset the bone positions
-Walk: Basic walk cycle
-Run: Basic run cycle
-Jump: Jump frame
-Fall: Fall frame

After saving and dragging the .blend file into Unity I can’t find the animations/actions where they would normally be.

alt textalt text

Get the newest version of blender it exports better into unity3d. Or try exporting it as an .fbx file

No results when I export the .fbx. I also can’t export with the latest version of Blender as it stops responding and I have to kill the task before my laptop bursts into flames. Are there any alternatives apart from redoing the animations in Unity?