Blender animations are not the same in unity

Is there an known issue about animations exported from Blender not being the same in unity? Positions and rotations mismatch especially when interacting with objects?

Also in our project, working with humanoid set up is a must. As i already read there is a Sliding feet issue when using humanoid.

Any way to fix that?

Thanks in advance

Hello! thanks for your response.
Here are images of one of the many situations that we have encounter in our studio.
The avatars are in T-pose. The characters are the same however we use the humanoid set up, as we need this specific set up in out project.
We encounter issues such as these with any type of animations (Rokoko MC, Mixamo MC, Handkey animation, with rigify or directly on a game rig without controllers correcting animations with animation layers).
Also other problems are the sliding feet. Even on standing idles where there is no movement / animation on the feet at all. In some cases the Final IK helps.

The pipeline that we use is CC3–> Blender–>Unity–> Salsa.
DO we do something wrong or is just known issues of unity?