Blender animations not appearing in Unity


Ive been following Sebastian Lague’s Youtube tutorials to rig and animate a character in Blender for Unity.

Most animations work fine, however some do not appear in Unity when I import the .fbx. I am unsure what is different about these animations.

As you can see in the imgur link below, I have 9 animations in blender.

  • 7 of them work fine.
  • ‘Sword attack01’ does not show in the inspector at all.
  • ‘Punch’ animation says “shield” instead of armature?? (and doesn’t work)

Why do some animations not appear in Unity? - Album on Imgur

I would be very appreciative if somebody can help, thanks :slight_smile:

Well i managed to get the faulty animations to work by clicking ‘push down’ in the action editor in blender. Not quite sure what was going on but hey…