Blender -Applying textures to "seperate" but parented objects

I currently have an object in blender that consists of a handle and a blade for a sword. I need to easily animate them so i made the blade parented to the handle. This works perfectly fine until I need to import the fbx file into unity and apply textures i have made for both parts. Since I parented the blade to the handle I can only apply textures to the handle and not the blade. I have already textured both parts but like i said the textures are only going onto the handle. Is there some way around this? Should I not be parenting the blade to the handle or can I somehow apply texture to both parts in unity?

I dont know why that happens, it is weird, I also make my characters in blender, for example I made a man that holds two guns, they are parented to an armature, for example the thigh bone, I have no problems texturing them, I just look in the hierarchy window, the characters name, and look under it the objects parented to it, then select the object that I want to texture, and drag and drop the texture to the part, in this case the gun.

You can also left click any part of the character, then drag and drop the texture, make sure you didnt bound them together in blender as a single object with CTRL + J, this causes that two objects merge toghether. Make sure in blender you can move the parts of the blade independently, and if you accidentally joined two meshes, you can separate them, by pressing CTRL + L in the mesh you want to separate and then P, part selection.

I have put a picture that shows that in unity two separated meshes can be easily textured, but only if you textured them in blender before, check your blender file, again, and check if everything i told you.