Blender as asset - ignores physics in unity

I’m sure this has been asked before, but I don’t see it. I make a sphere in blender, defining rigid body with mass, etc within blender, import the .blend into unity, but here is the problem: in unity, I reposition it as needed and hit play. It repositions itself from where I put it, pauses for 5-10 seconds, then falls through the floor and otherwise ignores all unity physics. Other native unity objects comply with physics and hit the floor. Sure there are many things to be set wrong, any commonly missed things for a newbie to know?

Add a collider to the object using the Component->Physics menu item. If none of the collider primitives are accurate enough, use compound primitive colliders as children (they will act as a single collider).

I’ve never imported a .blend before, but I can tell you this. If your object doesn’t have a mesh collider, or any other collider, it will fall through the floor. In the project pane, click on your object and tick Generate Colliders. Also make sure your rigidbody isn’t kinematic and that your mesh is convex.

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Yeah it is that the blender physics engine is not compatible with the unity physics engine. A problem as old as time. xD

The work around is animating in blender for unity and using blender physics in the animations that unity interprets. Then build a root motion controller in unity for everything it needs todo.

It is cheating. Using real python driven physics with no physics engine whatsoever in unity. ^^