blender cannot convert .blend file to FBX?

When I export my blender models in to unity3d game engine, part of the model seems to be invisible. I get an error saying blender cannot convert .blend file to FBX.

Are the normals the right way on the model? That's what the invisible part sounds like...

And for the convert, does this happen when you drag/drop or import it directly in to Unity? Or is this with Blender? Because you can drag and drop the .blend file in to Unity, and it auto-converts it for you.

Unity FBX export Fixed my issue with receiving error cannot convert .blend file to FBX. using Blender 2.69 and Unity 4.3.2f1. My model was still in Edit Mode when trying to save direct to the asset folder or importing in Unity project. Changed to Object Mode and saved then dragged into Unity without issue.

As written by Justin you need to check the normals first. Usually going into TEXTURED mode in the 3d view will let you see if you have a normals problem. In which case select the mesh and go into edit mode (depending on your version activating normals visualization requires different steps), and swap them as needed.

On the other hand, if it’s not a normals issue, be sure that you don’t have a scaling problem in the blender editor: select the mesh and check its scale (properties panel => object tab=> scale). If you have negative values there, normals will be messed up regardless of their correct displaying in blender.
TO FIX: select the mesh in object mode and press CTRL A (and then apply scale).
The scale will be reverted to 1 1 1 and thus the model will be correctly exported (PRESERVING ANIMATIONS, nonetheless).

I had this problem on Windows and Mac with Blender 2.69 I fixed this problem on both by reverting to 2.67

I had this problem too) I am fix this rename root folder to English(was in Russian) rename your folder in English if you use another language.

Hello everybody! I had the same problem and I realized that Unity3D show a small ‘problem’ as follow :

" For each import matéria. Unity first looks for an existing material named [Base Texture Name]. Unity will do a recursive-up search for it in all Materials folders up to the Assets folder. If it doesn’t exist, a new one is created in the local Materials folder ".

This problem is in folder that you extract the previous object.blender, because everything object.blender that you save in your ‘folder objects’, the Unity3D creates a ‘pattern folder’ calls ‘Materials’ with properties and texture of each object.blender and if you try save objects in the same folder, the Unity will notify this problem: ‘Blend cannot convert .blend file to FBX’.

I fixed this problem by creating a new folder for each object.blender that I saved or imported the object in my Unity Project. Note that Unity3D creates a folder called ‘Materials’ for each object, if you save the object.blender in the same folder, the Unity3D will do a overload in the folder called ‘Materials’.
I had the same problem and I managed to fix it that way. I don’t know exactly if is the same problem, but this is my suggestion ! :slight_smile: Bye Bye.