Blender could not convert .blend file to FBX file MacOs

so I was busy making a model made op of several different objects and was about to save them to unity when the Blender could not convert .blend file to FBX file error message appeared on the bottom of the editor

I have tried several solutions but they haven’t work such as exporting directly however it comes up with a lengthy piece of code error which at the bottom say location. I have also tried Obj files which do work but I can’t have proper meshes or colliders and or textures on my object

this is still a relatively new problem as it happened last night but I have not installed anything new or a new version of either unity or blender (unless you count me downloading the newest version of both to try and solve the issue) this just happened as I was trying to save it

Alright Quick update from me ten minutes into the future I figured out how the one files works now I know how to have colliders but I still haven’t fixed the FBX or have textures now aim going to try installing the new VS package. but I would still like to fix the Fbx as that’s easier in my option