Blender: Exporting not only the linked animation clips

Hy all!

In Blender, I created an armature connected to a mesh, and I can change the animations in the Action Editor. I exported the whole thing as fbx file into Unity. The problem is I can see only one animation in the imported file in Unity, the linked one. That’s interesting since I setted the “all actions” in the export settings.

What should I do to see all of the animation clips in Unity?

Updated problem:
I want to do the same thing as you did in this video:
Blender to unity3d for animation - YouTube
My problem is the following: When I export the armature with the actions, I get the armature with only one action, the actually linked one. I don’t know what can be the problem.
I use Blender 2.59 and Unity 3.3.0f4. I link my blend file, I would happy if you would try, maybe you find the problem.
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