Blender FBX Import to Unity messes up animations

So I made a set of animations for my rigged and textured character in Blender 3D and they play perfectly fine. However when exporting them to Unity as FBX, the idle animations are out of place, even on frame 0…

73939-unity-frame-0.jpg Here’s in Unity


and here’s in blender… Unity also has a problem of rotating my model 90 degrees on it’s side whenever i set the motion to the actual root bone… but one problem at a time.

Can’t really see the problem from the images.
What solutions have you attempted to fix the problems?

Also - you may have modeled/rigged the character facing the wrong direction in blender - which will result in the character facing the incorrect direction in Unity.

There are several threads in the forum documenting this and solutions, in addition to the ample information in the documentation about setting up a character in blender correctly.