Blender fbx Importing Making Model Smooth

When I export a model from Blender 2.56a Beta to a .fbx file and save it into my assets folder Unity makes the model smooth. Why is this, it looks fine in Blender? I have added some pictures to further illustrate what I mean: alt text alt text Notice how the edges do not look as defined as they do in Blender. Why is this and how can I fix it? Thanks!

Add an edge split modifier to the object in Blender, and mark as sharp the edges that you want to be hard (type ctrl-e, and select Mark Sharp). Calculate is fine for some objects, but it's all-or-nothing, so if you want proper control over which edges are hard, use the edge split modifier. Make sure to deselect "From edge angle" on the modifier, or else it's basically just doing what Unity does with calculate. Only "From marked as sharp" should be selected, and don't click "apply", or else the model will actually be altered, and you only want it to import that way, not be affected permanently.

IIRC, Blender doesn't export normals properly. Solution to that is to set "Calculate" mode for import of normals (on FBXImporter in Unity).