blender import fbx incorrect UVs

Hello, I am trying to import an animated fbx into Unity. The UV’s are out of whack…If I import a 3ds file, the UV’s and textures are fine, it only occurs with fbx. I tried recalculating normals, but that made it worse. Could It be a problem with the armature? One thing I noticed though, is that when it is imported unity prints “Shader wants texture coordinates, but the mesh doesn’t have them” and I think that may have something to do with it. I am using blender 2.57 with
Unity 3.x any suggestions??

P.S. I have correctly changed the script for blender 2.57 import with use with .blend files. It’s just the UV’s are incorrect.

Click on your model in the project assets pane.
On the FBXImporter component, check the swap UV’s checkbox.
Click Apply

That sometimes sorts out UV mapping issues with textures on your models.