Blender import in 2021 (vs. 2019)


I just migrated a rather large project from Unity 2019 to 2021, which went overall pretty smooth. The only thing that didn’t make it are two prefabs containing a simple Blender cube model (with smoothed edges), an UV map and two different textures. The meshes are completely missing, and also if I explicitly export that prefab on 2019 and reimport in 2021, the meshes are not coming with it. Also, pulling just the Blender file into the assets doesn’t create a usable object (like before on 2019).
Has anything changed in the way Unity deals with Blender models?

Regards, habitoti

Just answering myself in case anyone comes across a similar issue: I had to open the .blend file in Blender and just save it from there again (no changes made…), then Unity started to reimport the asset, and suddenly the individual blender parts showed up again under the .blend asset, and the related prefabs where fixed also (having a mesh again…).