Blender import issues.

I have Unity 3.2 and Blender 2.46 installed. Whenever I try to import a blender model, Unity says it cannot convert .blend to .fbx files. I have read the documentation, Blender 2.46 doe not have the FBX importer issue. I had the same problem with every version of Blender I used. Also, if I try to export in .fbx format from blender and import to Unity, it imports but the models do not appear( ie: the game object exists, but it’s like an empty game object) How can I solve this?

You always have to export .fbx for Unity to use the models. And try making sure that when you export your model in blender, you have the object you want to export selected.

The problem is the file. If you’re using 2.57, I suggest you find the .py file associated with that version. woodn usually provides a link for updated versions of this python file. The only one I could readily find without digging a bunch is here
which is for blender 2.59.
switching that out should resolve the problem (remember to back up your files before copying over) which is found in \program files\unity\editor\data\ ools for windows or /Applications/Unity/ for mac.