Blender import, messed up rotation, how do you fix it?

I’m trying to do a basic high rise building and import him in unity, but when the import process is done, and I use the prefab that I created with the mesh. Here is the problem in the preview windows the mesh is correctly rotated, but on instantiation it’s rotated on by 90°.
I also noticed that my mesh with modifier on them are rotated correctly, and when I apply modifiers, and do some joining work, the rortation is messed.
Here is a link for imgur in case the attachment are hard to read imgur.

Hello again, thanks for the answer! I didn’t find the FBX settings but I found a way to fix my problem, it’s probably a bit hacky but meh.
I just added the messed up mesh in an empty game object, that fixed the problem.

Thanks to that guy: Asset import from 3dsmax : rotation issue - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions