Blender Import Problems

I'm trying to import something from blender into unity. I saved the blend file in the assets folder and it showed up in the projects panel but when I try to drag the object fom the project panel to the scene or the hierachy panel it tells me that it cant convert to fbx. Any help??!?!?!?!?!?!?

Edit: I converted it in blender to an fbx and then moved it to my assets and its working now. Thanx

Some more details would be useful. But if you're talking about Blender version 2.5 - it's currently alpha code, and other people have had problems with that. You could get the 2.49b version, and see if it works (you'd have to make sure that .blend files were associated with 2.49b).

One thing you can try as a test, is to export a .fbx file yourself. In Blender, do File->Export (fbx), and see if it works. If it works, then at least you can copy the .fbx file yourself into Unity's Assets folder. If it fails, there may be other problems - for instance, the script that does the exporting is a Python script. Although Blender is supposed to have a copy of Python in its Install folder, maybe something went wrong. If so, you could re-edit your Question to include more details.

Update: If you've installed multiple versions of Blender, one of which is 2.5(alpha) - if you go back to version 2.49, make sure your file associations are correct. So if you double-click on a .blend file, it should open up the correct version, 2.49.