Blender import to Unity has metallic shading, black spots when rigging is enabled

^screenshot of problem

I’ve created a simple rigged mesh in blender, and am trying to import into unity. It imports fine, and when there is no rig enabled, the shading is alright. But when I enable the rig, the shading becomes very metallic and smooth even without a material enabled. I used a mixamo rig, then made one myself. The rig itself works fine and I’m importing as fbx.

I think you can just save your model as a blender file in your assets folder, I think, blender rigs need to be set to legacy in unity…and even then, if there’s animation, the models get contorted until play mode happens, I dont know why… maybe that s what you are noticing? When you add your texture in Unity does it look right? Be sure to give your color a unique name in Blender as well in the material tab, otherwise they will be set to default. Which you may have inadvertently set to a metallic color in unity, thats easy to make such a mistake…