Blender Imported .FBX Animations Showing as Read Only

This is rather unusual. I have, as the title clearly states, imported .FBX Models with ALL the animations that are needed. This problem is not on blenders behalf. Everytime I import any animation it shows up as a read-only file and I cannot play it nor play it in the animation window in Unity, why is this?

p.s. In blender, the animation are fine and fluid and I have checked the animation box.

Loads of thanks in advance, Cronixgames

You should duplicate the animation file to be able to edit it in the Animation Window as far as I know. Hope it helps.

Being read-only (as they always are) does not prevent you from using them. It only prevents you from editing them. If you want to edit them (i.e. change the curves), I’d recommend you do that in Blender, but alternatively, do as @Sarper suggests.