Blender imported model scale is not 1/1/1 in Unity

Sorry if this has been asked before but i couldnt find an answer.

I set my blender unit to metric and exported my model to FBX.I imported it in unity and set the prefab scale from 0.01 to 1.0 >apply.
But when i drag and instance of the prefab in the 3D world the object scale is not 1/1/1
Unity measures the exact lenghts of objects X/Y/Z and gives me in inspector something weird like 0.132143/1.2335/1 or whatever the object scale is.

I want unity to treat my prefab as a whole 1/1/1 no matter the shape or lenghts.
I have a character i modeled a long time ago in 3DS MAX and when i import that asset and drag in into the scene its scale is 1/1/1 even if the character has different X/Y/Z lenghts in 3DS max such that when i rescale the character to 2/2/2 its much easier to maintain shape.
If the character would have in inspector 1.24234/2.2323/0.8766 for example its imposible for me to increase its size by exactly x2 and maintain the original shape,also very impractical and frustrating.

How do i fix this with Blender/Unity?

You need to apply the scale to your object/s in blender. Select them in Blender and click Object/Apply/Scale.
Alternatively parent them to a GameObject with scale 1,1,1 and apply the scaling to this.