Blender Imported Models: Cannot Change In Unity

I have searched these forums and cannot find an answer. Whenever I import a model into Unity from Blender, they show up just fine. I have done both .fbx and .blend ways to import. When I move them around the world, or rotate/change scale, they reset to their original position/rotation/scale when I play the game. So far I have found no way to change this other than directly editing it in Blender, which is obviously not convenient or practical at all. Does anybody know the answer to this? Thanks!

Ahh, yes, I think I know what’s going on and I will try to explain,
When going from Blender to Unity, what is being imported? the objects with their meshes and (the important one for this question) the animation. When your animation is imported, the computer is told, since i’m guessing you didn’t animate these, to set everything’s position, rotation, and scale back to their original values. There is your problem.
How do you fix it?
One way is to grab the object’s parent in the hierarchy and move the parent to the object around.
Another way is to create an empty gameObject, parent your object to it, and move the empty gameObject around.
Yet another way is to go into the object’s parent, and uncheck the ‘animation’ component, or remove it altogether!
Hope this could help you!

Thanks for the response! Unchecking animation did the trick!