Blender Importing Issues

Hello Everyone, I am new to blender and been having issues when I import my object it seems that only one side of it shows and when rotated the object disappears, Now I have heard that normals effects it so I try flip the normals and it does change which side shows now if I wanted the whole object to show.

For example if I wanted a can type object to where I create the cylinder in blender and delete the top face and import it, it has several issues but if i leave it how it is and import it, it shows the whole entire object


As you can see the one on left I removed the top face while the one on right hasn’t been touched

Help would be appreciated thank you

The only option is to create an object with a “can in a can” which uses some more verticles. So the outside of the can would be like your left model, so you can see the sides, and your second one would be exactly the same, but with the normals flipped. and slightly scaled down.

Like this picture:


(this is a bledner object imported into unity)

Of course you need to create a face which connects the two sides (at the top and the bottom), so the can wouldn’t have these ’ gaps ’ .

Try to add a directional light to your project. :slight_smile: