im having a really odd problem!. ive been exporting models from blender into unity and they all work fine!.. now ive finished an animation and when i try to export and import it in unity the only thing in the imported gameobject is a few lamps and a camera but no mesh no animations!!.. what the heck is going on!

Make sure you are not still in pose mode, and check to see if “Selected Objects” is checked in the “Export FBX” options.(Shows up on the left panel when you are exporting.) If it is checked, only selected objects will be exported. Could be good, could be bad.

Also, below the selected objects check box is a series of squarish buttons labeled empty, camera, lamp, armature, and mesh. Make sure that only the object types you want are selected.

no nothing that simple… ive even tried parenting it all to another object. when i export the object imports but child still is missing X_XXXX

anybody ?!

it has something to do with the armature. i deleted the bones and it would export… but it might have been a bug?.. anyways i redid the whole thing and now it exports fine…

oh well.