Blender materials in unity

After some search i found, that materials from Blender dont import to Unity, so the only way to import textures to Unity is UV unwrap/map ? and what about Enviromental mapping, Bumb mapping, Light mapping and all other stuff i can do with material/texture tabs in Blender, it is definetly useless ?

Much of the stuff can be used in Unity, just not directly via the materials tab in Blender. For example, you can bake a normal map in Blender via a traditional pipeline(either sculpting and retopo or first the original and then sculpting that), and then export that normal map, importing it into Unity, and then using it as part of Unity’s material. Light mapping can also be done, similarly by exporting the maps, and making sure your models already have the secondary UV set. But…Unity’s lightmapping might be better for your needs.

Blender’s procedural textures won’t be able to be directly used in Unity either. You could bake them to regular UV textures though, and export those which Unity could then use.

But yeah in general, most of the settings you find in Blender’s material and texture tab won’t be directly used, rather will need to be converted to textures for the most part. The simple reasoning behind this is just that the renderers are completely different between Unity and Blender, and they have much different purposes too, one being a “realistic” offline render, with the other being a realtime renderer(as in fast enough to achieve 60FPS along with game logic, physics, etc…).