Blender Materials When Using .blend file in Unity

I am saving my models in Blender as a .blend file and using them in Unity, but when I use them the material is just the default grey material. Blender creates a Material folder and saves the name of my material but not the actual material. How do I save the actual material?

I know it can be done as I have accidentally done it once, but I cannot remember how I did it, can anyone help?

Blender materials are different to Unity materials so they won’t transfer over. Unity knows there is a material slot for the object so it will create a default material and apply what ever data it can read from Blenders material data. If you have images they should be put in a folder at the same level as the model import so they can be picked up. Do this before you import your model so the import process can scan the directories to find them.

Your materials will not be the same as you have specified in blender, you need to adjust your materials generated in Unity to suit your needs.