Blender mesh not showing Unity Materials

I’m trying to create a cloth mesh in blender that I can use with Unity cloth renderer. When using a built in mesh it works fine. When using the custom mesh I can’t get any materials to show up as anything other than a coloring. The mesh is also a black color instead of a light gray in the thumbnail. What can I do to fix this?

To be more specific I’m creating a basic cloth model that is 2 sided. From my research it is more efficient to use a mesh with two sides rather than a shader, especially if I want to use any lighting. The cloth tool requires a mesh and adds a material to the object from the project asset. I want a cloth with a texture and normal map. This works with the built in plane mesh but it is not two sided. I need help creating and importing a mesh from blender such that it works with materials from the project assets.

Import the texture then attach it to the mesh

I figured this out. Unity requires UV map data to map a material to any object. If you don’t know how to create a UV map just go into edit mode and select all of your model and press the U key then select unwrap to generate UV map data for your mesh which can be found under the data tap in blender.