Blender Mesh rotation

So I’m using Blender to create my models and im having issues with the models coming into unity with odd rotations. The model will look like how it is in blender but have a x,x,x degree rotation on the various axis.

So how would this be fixed to have the model look normal in unity but have the rotation of 0,0,0?

Do ctrl-A to apply scale and rotation to the object. Also keep in mind that Blender uses a different orientation than Unity, so you may have to rotate objects differently in order for them to appear correctly oriented in Unity.

Depending on your file there is a ‘export’ menu when you export a file in blender FBX for example has ROTX90 tickboxed by default.

If you are exporting it as a .blend file that could be an issue. I would highly suggest exporting it as an .fbx or .3ds.