Blender Meshes not colliding Unity 4.

Hi, I am semi-new to Unity 4, but I have ran into a problem with meshes imported from Blender, from various file types including .blend, 3ds, and fbx. Everything renders just fine, it is just colliders do not work at all. I have tried rigidbodies, meshes, and a combination of the two. I have also tried restarted Unity and recreating the objects. The objects can collide with objects created inside unity, but not each other.

If anyone has an answer to this problem, I would much appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

Have you imported models with collision before?

Assuming you’ve set it to actually import the colliders from the, the normals face outward, one of the two colliders are convex, and neither collider is a trigger, they should be colliding. I’d have to know more.