Blender Model Export To Unity

Hey All,

I have a blender model with an animation. I exported it into .blend, .fbx, .obj trying to fix the problem but it only got partially fixed depending on the file type. So the problem is that I have several objects in blender that are parented to the main object. I export the model and bring it into unity but unity breaks apart the objects.

So here is what the model looks like when I bring it into unity.[10676-unity+arm+broken.jpg|10676]

Here is what I want my model to look like unfortunately I had to join all the objects together into one mesh and does not allow me to manipulate the individual pieces colors.

So what am I doing wrong? I need to move it all together but I need to also manipulate the individual coloring and texturing of the objects.

In blender select each object and press Object->Apply->Location and Object->Apply->Rotation & Scale. Unity does not use unapplied locations, rotations and scales. For example: If one of your objects has a x-rotation of 45 degrees still on it in blender when exporting it, Unity will rotate it back to 0 degrees.