Blender Model from another Computer doesn't display.

Hey guys,

So everytime I get the model of a soldier from someone else on another computer who animates the model for me it doesn’t show up right. In Blender it show up in wireframe mode. No matter whether I choose solid, Textures, … I can’t see any faces. In Unity I also can’t see the faces but I can’t even see wireframes but the Object are there I can see it in the Hirarchy. It seems like the Faces can’t get displayed on my and although they are shown probably on the other ones end.

The funny thing also is that the original not edited model was sent from my computer to the other one. It worked that time but not the other way round. Also other models he sent me turned out to be fine.

I hope someone can help me with that problem.

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We tried exporting the model to Collada and I see the faces but it screwed up so much things that it’s not a practical way. Do someone of you have a solution now? I appreciate every help.

is your blender up to date, or is, because I had the same problem last week and updating blender fixed it.

her is a link : Download —

have applied or fixed material?
Create your folder with models and texture,thei import from it.some time unity unknnow shader applied and dont get correct have to create new material and apply on a mdel.