Blender model/mesh is scaled (1, 1, 1) but is VERY small

I am using the BLENDER modeling software. I don’t know if I modeled the object wrong or something, but I have to set the scale to (40, 40, 40) to make it about the size of a cube. The object I created is a CoffeeCup, if it matters. I followed a tutorial, that was not created with the intent up importing it to Unity, I did that myself. If you need more information, let me know. I need to know how to make the (1,1,1) to look about the size of a cube with a scale at (1,1,1). I do notice however, (After i inserted a box collider) when I select the cup, and set it to (10,10,10) then it is the size of a cup (Still small)

The size of the Box Collider is (0.033, 0.021, 0.021) When the size of the cub object is (10, 10, 10) Does this mean anything? I will try making a new model.

Inside the import settings of a model it is default set to 0.01 so change that and then when you change the scale 1,1,1 should look right

A standard Unity cube is 1 meter cubed. The standard Blender cube(the one it starts up with by default) is 2m cubed, so you can roughly judge by this.

For more accuracy you can set Blender to use the metric system in the Scene view tab.

In Unity if you want to scale a model up or down then do it via the model import Scale Factor setting not via the object’s transform scale, this is better practice and can help avoid problems and work later on as you will have kept everything to a uniform scale of (1,1,1) in Unity.