Blender model shifted on X and Y axis on some part of the animation

Hi i made a blender model


and it looks fine until exporting it, but after importing it, one of the animations really gives me a hard time. it keeps repositioning, like in this picture


and it only happens when i export it with another animation more. the origin is at the center of the grid on every animation and i have no idea whats wrong.

im out of files to be used so ill post the file.

it fixes itself when i delete it and remake the animation action… but it breaks again. i think it breaks the second time i export it after fixing it but im not sure what the pattern is.


I posted a google drive link to the file.

This is a bug with importing into unity I don’t think you can fix this one bro.

You are going to love this fix :

Open your model in Blender.

Select your rig and select Idle2 Action.

Save and Export.

Ok, that was the workaround. Here is the fix :

I believe this is an error of transition in combination with your off-centre model. There is no ‘rest’ keyframe so Unity is rotating around its root rather than your chosen spot; something to do with the bones being too short.

Copy the first frame of Idle action, where the arms are at rest.

Copy it in to frame 0 on Idle2 action. Keyframe it after selecting all bones, with LocRotScale and clicking the key symbol.

After import to Unity, change the slider to negate the frame 0 pose.

Now Unity makes a proper transition and you no longer need the workaround.

Make sure to do a fresh Import. New name. Unity doesn’t like updating existing models, for some unknown reason.