Blender Modeling Basics

Hi im jarrett i was was hoping if someone could take some time to stop and make a BEGGINNER tutorial on modeling a character in blender if you do this i will give you a free prefab! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

How about, you read the great informative book here it was made specifically for blender

I would suggest using Blender 2.57. It is not only free, but has a lot of resources out there if you need to really learn. I would suggest purchasing a Blender Book. There is a new one on Amazon called “Introducing Character Animation With Blender: Second Edition” for 2.5. It is a great guide.

You can also use your models for commercial games or games you want to get profit from without worrying about being stuck with an education/student license of 3ds Max and Maya. It is also portable, which means you can run it off of a flash drive. YouTube also has a lot of nice tutorials for 3D modeling. One of the Series I have learned some from was this:

Its a nice set of tutorials for modeling low poly characters in blender 2.49, but the techniques are the same… (Loopcut was changed to Ctrl-R and Holding K is the knife tool)

I hope this helped :smiley:

If you are a student, I would personally recommend maya. It is very easy to get going with it and I find it much more straight forward than blender. You can download a three year license if you are a student for free here: