Blender Models Not Importing

I have been trying since Monday to import an animated model from Blender 3D to Unity3D. I found somewhere that one should import the files directly into the assets folder with the .blend extension. I made my animation with an armature and a mesh attached to it and then tried to save it into Unity. Instead of getting a model with no animation clip (my life story before), I now get a little blender icon and NO model!!!

First of all, if anyone knows what I am doing wrong to not get the model imported, please comment. Also, if there is a magic way to make the animation clips appear, please comment. I can make the animations, but they never appear as an animation clip.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. This has really been bugging me.

If it's really a .blend, then you're using a version of Blender later than 2.49, which doesn't allow this yet. Otherwise, you accidentally used a .blend1, .blend2, etc., which are automatic backups that Blender makes.

As for animation clips, they have to be bone-based Actions. IPO curves won't import.

P.S. Neither Blender or Unity have "3D" in their names.

I hate to answer my own question, but I found a thread somewhere that that gave me the answer. I had Blender 2.55 (or whatever the beta is) on my computer and that was messing it up. I simply put it into my trash, saved the .blend file again, and everything worked.

I appreciate all of your help!