Blender Ocean Animation

I spent a ton of time trying to do this so any help is appreciated. I’m making a pirate game so of course I need an ocean. I made one in blender and I finally got it to pretty much loop seamlessly. I’m new to unity and I’ve only imported an animation from blender once(it was a box moving up and down) I just can’t get this to work. I exported the Armature and Mesh as a .fbx and attached the animation to the object in unity but when I hit play the ocean just goes to the center and stays still. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong as this worked when I did it before with the box moving. I’ll be glad to give any more info or screenshots, I’m just looking to get past this so I can work on the rest of the game. Thanks tons!

Hi @Selenor,

I know this answer is very late (almost 5 years! :O) Anyways, in case you or somebody else bumps into a similar problem, here’s my solution. :slight_smile:

Step 1 - Enable NewTek MDD format
I found an answer over at the Blender Stack Exchange that explains how to “bake” animated modifiers. So, enable the addon “Import-Export: NewTek MDD format.” (Edit > Preferences… > Add-ons)

Step 2 - Export keyframes
Select the object and export the animation as keyframes (File > Export > Lightwave Point Cache (.mdd) > Export MDD)

Step 3 - Remove modifiers
Make sure you make a backup before this step, otherwise don’t save the .blend afterwards (obviously :P). Remove all modifiers from the object.

Step 4 - Import keyframes
Make sure the object is still selected an import the keyframes (File > Import > Lightwave Point Cache (.mdd) > Import MDD)

That’s it, you can now go ahead and export it as .fbx (or whatever) and import it into Unity.

God bless,