Blender Path animation to Unity?

Normally i was using the action editor in blender to animate things for Unity!! But this way doesnt work for the things i need to animate!!So i used the path animation!! Within Blender theres not a problem, but in Unity there is!! Unity automtically recognizes the Animations i made via Action Editor with Keyframes, but it doesnt recognize the path animation??

How to that right?

You may find this enlightening!!

Just had the same Problem and didn’t find an immediate answer. So here is my take:
You can bake the animation into keyframes in blender and then export it.

1. Select your path animated Object → Object → Animation → Bake Action

2. In the Dialog select “visual Keying” and your desired frames → ok

3. In Unity for the import you need to set the object rig to legacy in the import settings

Your path animation and/or constraints are then converted into a keyed action like the other actions and is exported like the others.

Greets to anyone who stumbles over this like i did.