Blender Skybox vs Unity Skybox?


I’m pretty new to Unity, (been working with it about 2 weeks), and I’m currently building a game with multiple levels in it. I wanted to know if I should create a Skybox in Blender for each level, as each level may have a different time of day, and therefore a different Skybox. I’m not entirely sure if the default Unity “Render Settings” allow for a different Skybox per scene (aka my level), and if it would be better to create a skybox for each of my levels performance-wise (as I import the level models into the scene and leave it at that).

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

You can of course change the skybox. all you have to do is this :

var newSkyboxMat : Texture;

function Update()
    if(//what you do to get to next level)
        RenderSettings.skybox = newSkyboxMat;

I think it’s better to use Unity’s skybox thing not blender.