Blender Terrain in Unity


if I made a terrain in Blender (Unity Terrain does not support holes in the Terrain). What is the Best way to texture it?
I think a huge texture on a huge (10k x 10k) is not a good solution.
Well I can use tiling for one Texture, but waht if I have more than one Texture for my terrain, like Grass, sand and some stone?
Using blenders Texture Paint for a “huge” (20 mb or bigger) Image works well in Blender but for the players who play with unity?

Another question is about the Collider, can i Use a Mesh collider for my Terrain mesh?

The only way for you to maintain the quality and to edit the textures without the same one repeated over and over is splatmap. A splatmap alows blending of multiple texture which only contains the data of mixing. The textures themselves are repeated but opacity changed based on heightmap. If you really want this performance increase learn n’ program up like I did bud.

As for the terrain collision… using a mesh collider for such a large terrain would be very very unsuitable. Instead, you need to come up with an equation yourself that determines the height based on which quad your on, relative location to the quad, then the triangle your on. From there you turn this information over to the berrycentric equation. Trust me, there is no way out of this… if you want to use a mesh collider and lose 30fps on a large mesh than to learn a simple equation then thats fine.

-Brett, hope I helped