blender texture not showing

I modeled a house in blender and applied textures but when i import it in unity the textures dont show. How do you get them to show?

Import the source images you used in blender to your unity project and apply them to the materials created when you brought the blender models in.

so I'll give you 2 answers since your not being very specific it is:

A) your materials aren't being specular or shiny like in the editor because unity does not support it.


B) the reason your UV's aren't showing up and look grey with no picture is because you don't have the image imported to unity.

It may have to do something with the normals of the model. Set the draw type to Textured and see if the textures are displaying inside or outside the model. If they are facing outside the model, you can go into edit mode, select all the face that are suppose to be showing inside the model, go to Model -> Normals -> Flip. This should fix the problem.

If not, then you may have to import the textures into the project pane and make sure they are applied to the model.