Blender Textures Not Showing!!!

I’ve just made a very cool character in Blender 2.5 for my game! I did UV Mapping and drew some designs on it. But when I import the character into Unity, I can’t see the textures/UV Mapping! Why is this happening and how do I fix it? Thanks!

Import your texture into your project and then try applying it to your character model.

Yeah, I was having the same problem, but after 3 days of trial and error, I figured it out!
I don’t know what differences with characters you will have, but I was having problems putting a label on an old oil barrel (Great Tutorial, BTW). What I did was I shrunk my uv maps til they fit the blank image, then I exported them. (You have to enable the add-on to export them :wink: ) Then I put my label in photoshop and fit it in the place I wanted it inside the uv maps (put your art on another layer, so u can delete the gray UV map lines). Then I saved the picture in my assets folder and put on my barrel. And guess what? It became the label I had in blender!
Hope this helps!

2 possible causes

I dont think that 2.5 is all supported, I use 2.49

Maybe you have more than 1 material per object, if yes try deleting 1 material and then re-saving and re-importing

Import the textures the same way you imported the character and all the textures that you assigned in blender will have there own material in the hierarchy. In the grey box apply the appropriate texture to the appropriate material. If you’re not sure which one is which texture just play around till you get what you need.