Blender To Unity Animation Import Problems


Unity is freaking out with some of my animations. So I have an object with animations that I made in Blender that I’m importing to Unity as an fbx file, and I’m getting all kinds of weird behavior as I try to access some of the animations.

If I split the animations, some work and others don’t. For instance, an animation that spins a propeller in frames 20 to 30 will work fine if I call it with Animation.Play(). Meanwhile, the same animation that was copied and pasted to frame 100 to 110 will not play at all whether I use Animation.Play(), play automatically setting, etc.

I’ve tried moving the animations around as well. Perhaps for some reason, Unity wasn’t importing the animations past frame 100. So I pushed all my animations before frame 100, tried again, and the same animations refused to play while the animations that played before but are now at different frames still work fine.

I tried yet again to move animations around. Suddenly, if I tell Unity to play the animation that starts at frame 1 and ends at frame 10, it plays the animation that spins the propellers. But how can that be? In Blender, frames 1 to 10 are set with keyframes to have the object stay perfectly still.

I’m tearing my hair out here. Somebody please help me!

Believe me, you are working against yourself with this. Unity has very good support for blender models, and one of the greatest features is the inbuilt action editor of blender:

There are also YouTube tutorials that go through this process specifically for importing into Unity.

You can define animations like “propeller spin” and simply put all the animation in one action. When you import the .blend into unity (simply drag-n-drop), all your actions will be different animations, already named the same as you named them in Blender. No worrying about counting frames or manually creating animations in Unity. Much smoother workflow this way.

Hope this helps.