Blender to Unity: Double Animations? (Or More!)

Hello, Unity Answers surfers!

I have a model that I made in Blender 263 (I would expect a period after the 2, but not so), and quite a few things went wrong with it that I’ve never had a problem with older versions. This question specifically focuses on an animation issue.

I made a model and animated it by using an armature and vertex groups. I imported it into Unity (fbx), and found that if use split animations, for every animation I split 2 animations were shown in the project window. It also seems to increase if I have more than one armature in the model, hence the “Or More!”;. Here’s a picture showing this problem:


I colored it red to highlight the issue. I only have 1 idle animation, but it says there’s 4. This makes it very difficult to choose the right one (they seem to do different things).

So figured out that it has something to do with armatures. If I make an animation without an armature, the problem goes away. But I need armatures so I can make more realistic animations.

Does anyone get this problem, knows how to fix it, or knows how to get around it? It really hinders my modeling progress.

Thank you for all responses. :slight_smile:

Do you save your animations in Blender as “Actions” (DopeSheet > Action Editor)?

If so, just disable “Split Animations” when importing, in Unity. Unity will already understand each animation if you save them as “Actions”.

One more thing, in Blender, you have to click the little “F” (Save this data block even if it has no users) for each animation.

I’m using Blender 2.61, but I think it should be the same.

I have found a second way how to solve this problem. It is equally viable as Saitodepaula’s.

Make sure there is only 1 action in the Dope Sheet-Action Editor. If you have multiple animations, put the keys one after another and later split them in unity.

Export the model (with the armatures and anything else you want in it) as an fbx. Now, to get rid of the problem, uncheck “AllActions” and “IncludeDefaultTake” in blender.

After that, just import into unity and split the animations.