Blender to Unity FBX

Hello there!

Im new to game development and i try to export a character that ive made in blender as an FBX file to unity.

First of all i really cant figure out what do i need to do.
Do i need a seperate blender character file AND some animations as fbx or just animations as fbx?
I did 3 animations in the action editor in blender, but some people say i should seperate them. How can i export just one animation now? I cant even delete some of them in blender, they are always there. Does it matter?

And one of the animations doesnt match with the one in blender.


Hi, by doing a quick search I found this video: Blender To Unity FBX Animation - Blender 2.8 - YouTube
It looks to me that when you export to .fbx, that you export both the model and animations.
If you want to seperate those animations from the model, to my understanding you can click the right arrow that appears in the Project window on top of your .fbx file, which will then show that model’s components including its animations. You can then drag the animation out to seperate it.

I hope this helps you, I’m not experienced with making animations myself, I have used free assets in which I could see that you can seperate the two.