Blender to Unity missing textures

Hi so i am practicing archviz in blender and i am trying to export the fbx to unity to build it as a game, however after exporting the textures are missing, how do i apply them? i have already packed the data into an external file in blender and placed it into unity under “Textures” and i have extracted the materials but it still has incorrect textures. Can anyone help me?? i have attached 1 picture from blender and 1 in unity

Unfortunately, the .blend files don’t quite work that conveniently. It’s actually just an internalized .FBX file and you will have to either bake the materials in Blender into Textures, or try to mimic the Blender materials in Unity. None of that is automated for us at this point. Would be cooler if it was…

I should mention, that Unity has a python script that it uses to open Blender and then call upon it’s .FBX export. It then hides the FBX file in the metadata, so for all intents and purposes, the blender file is just a working file, and only blender features that FBX has are use able. So if you need the textures to be packed, you may have trouble without just doing the FBX exporting yourself because I don’t believe the python file Unity uses is setup by default to accept packed textures, But it is something one of the FBX types has. I’d keep everything external, though.

There is a special version of Blender called UPBGE. If the use of blender is very important to the project, this version is built around a game engine with node based programing. I thought that might be of interest, since you can build models, logic, and whatever and test right inside blender. If you are already familiar with C# and Unity workflow, maybe not as much. But if you like Blender a lot and have the experience, I’d suggest UPBGE if you can change the engine.