Blender to unity not working properly!

I have modelled, textured and animated a gun in blender I am currently using version 2.49 If I just save the file as .blend and put it into unity my gun looks messed up and so are the animations. So I have tried exporting it as an fbx file which makes my gun look ok in unity but I only have 1 animation which dosent do anything and is called default take.
I dont understand why it dosent work properly can anyone help me out?

When you export to fbx make sure you click select all so that everything is selected. and for the animation you are going to find it inside unity and click the options you want. here is a youtube tutorial its better explained. Unity-Animation Events - YouTube

You have to animate BONES only in Pose Mode. No other animation Action will show up as a seperate clip.

If you’re animating a cube, add an Armature. Select the cube object, and then shift-select the bone object. CTRL-P > Make Parent > Automatic Weights.

Now Actions that animate the bone will show up in Unity.

i cant seem to get this to work. i use to be able to import animations through blender in older versions of unity but now it seems that the animation names dont get saved thereby making it impossible to tell which animation is which. i’m not sure if this is me or unity, i will be posting soon as this has become the bane of my life as of late.