Blender to unity .obj material problem

I created a .obj file in Blender. Then, I imported it into a Unity scene with HDRP. In that scene, I used the CrossingRoad material from the EasyRoad3D asset for the .obj, but it turned out to be in a slightly lighter color tone. What could be the reason for this?
Can’t I use the materials found in Unity assets on the objects I modeled?

I created a model that was similar to a plane in Blender by manipulating it. After that, I exported it as an .obj file without making any additional changes. And this is the obje:

The rectangular object in the photo is Unity’s plane object. I added the material I want to use to this object, and it looks fine. However, when I applied the same material to the custom object on the left (modeled in Blender), it appeared in a different shade.