Blender to Unity problems

i looked at some similar questions but they aren't the same. i did find out that some people had trouble with python.i have it installed and im using blender 2.49. when i finally get the model in my project view then it wont let me drag it to scene.there's an error and when i click it then it says:

Blender could not be found. Make sure that Blender is installed and the .blend file has Blender as its 'Open with' application!

For the python problem the message says:

Compiled with Python version 2.6.2 'import site' failed; use -v for traceback Checking for installed Python... No installed Python found. Only built-in modules are available. Some scripts may not run. Continuing happily.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I don't think that python message is actually a problem here.

It looks like your issue is with Unity not finding Blender installed on your machine. You should have Blender actually installed (rather than just downloading the zip with an exe in it).

Installing Blender should automatically set the .blend file extension association. If this doesn't happen, you probably need to right click on a .blend file and choose "Open with...", and choose Blender as the executable (you may need to browse to the location you installed Blender to) and check the tick box to open with Blender by default.

Try installing Python. should be correct version.

I had exactly the same problem yesterday. It turns out you have tell Windows where to find Python so Unity can use the FBXImporter Python Script. Rather than searching the entire computer, Blender checks out Windows' "Environment Variables" to find where Python is. So basically you have to set up an "Environment Variable" with the name "PYTHONPATH".

Now that probably sounds like gobbledygook to you. Never fear, here's an awesome tutorial explaining how to do it.

The path bit is a bit confusing though. If you installed Python to your C:\ drive directly, the correct path to put into the Environment Variable will be C:\Python26\Lib .