Blender to Unity rotation issues

I was stuck for months trying to figure out why none of my models didn’t rotate correctly using my scripts. It wasn’t until recently that I found out this source of incredible frustration was simply because Unity and Blender handle rotation and axis orientation differently.

My question is how best is it to set up Blender to avoid this? I’ve read to rotate the X-axis 90 degrees and then Apply Rotation. Also to not rotate objects in Object mode. Would orienting the work space in Blender to where Y is up make a difference at all? Or do you have to make that change in the FBX Exporter?

Blender : Z-axis = ‘UP’
Unity : Z-axis = ‘Forward/Backward’

Unity aligns these axis making the blender object rotate onto it’s side. There is no way to make it import ‘normally’ with out scripting extensions and stuff. So instead I recommend compensating the rotation.