Blender to Unity strange normal import problem (bright spots)

Hi, I animated a minecraft blender rig and importet it into unity. The animations are working fine, but the eyeleads of the head mesh (eyelids are shape key aka blendshape controlled) look brighter than in blender. In fact this is not a UV problem, I checked that and moved the UVs around.

I would like to add my .blend file, but no more attachments are allowed :frowning:

Here are some screenshots:

[from unity (EDIT: I fixed the mouth issue, so just ignore that red box)]

[from blender (just used another texture, but has NOTHING to do with the issue)]

Does anybody know how to fix that?

It’s brighter because of the lighting.

In unity, change the material to unlit textured. It should match exactly what you see in Blender.